will give: victini,suicune, entei,zekrom,zapdos, kyogre, ho-oh, lugia, latias, or dialga 

Want: genesect, shiny gets you any 4

Its name is Drake (i got a little carried away with how fun this was and started designing bone rings)

Trubking and i honesty thank you for this request.

Nidogod. (is there anything else to say?)

An imp that needs a ruler (hint: i might splice one into existence)

haha yeah so about that, the top one (Neckhound) was the best i could do with those so i added ursaring. Snoundoomaring i guess??????

Jodile for Louise. Dumb name dumb pokemon. A distant relative of zigzagoon

Aerotle for carissa

Scrap is the toughest guy in the junk yard